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A.    Introduction
Literature and teaching are material that we always hear or we find in school or university. If we hear about literature we always imagine about poetry, novel or drama, but if we hear about teaching always we imagine about teacher and student. For more information about them the writer gives information:

B.     Literature
Literature is creative and imaginative work of art either spoken or written. Literature expresses people’s imagination, idea, value, criticism or to explain a love or hatred. In this era, literature cannot be separated from our life, because we need it to satisfy our feeling or emotion such as sadness hatred or angry.
Literature is very closely related to human being, because it reflects behavior and attitudes of human being. Scott (1962:123).  Literature is a term used to describe written or spoken material. Broadly speaking, "literature" is used to describe anything from creative writing to more technical or scientific works, but the term is most commonly used to refer to works of the creative imagination, including works of poetry, drama, fiction, and nonfiction. 2012 .
Literature assists people to know of past events, though some are mere fictions, they help us to enjoy leisure by entertaing us. It also helps improve our intuition to be able to memories important grammar of English language not just speaking it but using it in our day to day lives.
Menurut Lazar in (2002: 15-19), literature in teaching has many advantages:
  1. Give motivation to student.
  2. Give the access to culture background.
  3. Give access to get a language (it mind give a contact that has meaning and easy to understand).
  4. Give a wide attention in language to student.
  5. To improve students ability in their interpretation.
  6. To educate student.
C.     Teaching
Gagne said that teaching is a set of events embedded in purposeful activities that facilitate learning. From that we know that teaching is activities we do to be easy a proses of education. Benny said (2009:19-21).Teaching can be successful in our student if we:
1.      Active participation
Student in our class have to good participation because it way they understand their lesson but if they rarely or absent of course they do not get a lesson and understand. The student must active and care about their lesson.
2.       Practice
It must we undergo so that our student memorize all of we have teach them,
3.      Individual difference
It must we know so that we understand the differences our student.
4.      Feedback
We give learning outcome so that they understand all of their result of studying.
5.      Realistic context
Student must study all of material that contain of science and skill
6.      Social interaction
We must give information to our student so than they get sport from their social environment.
D.    Conclusion
From the explanation above we understand that literature and teaching has a good relation, we know teaching of literature improve imagination of student, they will creative to find out a meaning in poetry or novel that we know literature has many interpretation in meaning for example: poetry from William Rosety by title REMEMBER …….(remember me when I gone way. Go far to the silent land)  That part of poetry has many meaning gone we can give a meaning that subject or I come to the other place or die.
 From that we conclude that student become smart because they analyze a literature. And literature become motivate student .

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